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pressurized pre-heated solar water heater


TypeEvacuated Tube
Circulation TypeIndirect / Open Loop (Active)
Heating SystemThermosyphon (Passive)
Connection TypeDirect-Plug
CertificationCE, Solar Keymark
Model NumberTZ58/1800-15E,20E,24E,30E
Recommend regionAsia, Africa, Latin America, South Europe

Key points

- good water quality

It use tap water directly, live water but not sedimentary water.


- pressure endurance

The thick of coil is 0.8mm, which can withstand 6-12 bar.


- working automatically

A feed tank on the top, it will supply water automatically. What you need is just to open tap and have a wash.


- no scale, high efficiency

Water in the tank wouldn't be used just to heat the coil, the water in the tank will keep hot and no scale. The vacuum tubes will be kept clean, and system has a higher efficiency than normal system.


- simple structure

Total 3 valves in whole system only, very simple and safety, maintenance free.


- anti-freezing

Because of all hot water in main tank, the feed tank won't be frozen. It can be working well in -10deg.C.


- good performance in rainy & cloudy days

When tap water comes in and out, it will be just 3deg.C less than water in tank. Viz. if 90deg.C in tank, the outlet water will be at 87deg.C after exchanging. 

If tank water is 90deg.C, and you catch rainy days, no problem, if you use 50L 40deg.C water per day, you can keep getting such hot water for 15 days!!

The electric heater is only backup, we don't use it anytime practically, except in winter.


- more capacity

Because the water in tank doesn't be used, in fact the circulation is not only water in the tank but also water in the tube. So for example 300L, actually it has 400L in whole system.



The vacuum tubes absorb the sun’s rays and turn the rays into energy, heating the water in the tubes. As the temperature of the water is rising, The density turns slightly, then the hot water in the tubes floats into the tank, and the cold water in the tank goes down to the tubes. Keeping natural cycling like this, the water in the tank will be heated.

  The vacuum tubes heat the water in the tank, but the users do not use the water in it directly. The cold water comes into the exchanger from one side and the hot water heated by the exchanger, and then the hot water comes out from the other side for use.


The Solar Water heater tank is a non-pressurized tank, and has an opening to the ambient atmosphere. Solar water heater tank should always be filled with water to avoid damage caused by dry high temperature working conditions. The stainless steel our use belong to food grade, and SUS 304 & SUS 316 have better corrosion resistance.


Thermal Performance

The system passes over thermal performance test according to EN12976-2:2006-chapter 5.8, parts of the test conditions are listed below:


Pre-installation Considerations

Before installation, please note:

1. Check the density, hardness and strength of roof structure to ensure safety of solar water heater.

2. The maximum snow load is: 1.2 times the weight of tank

3. Maximal wind resistance for the frame is 1000Pa, according to ENV1993-1-1.


Solar System Location

The solar system must be installed in a non-shaded place. High buildings or trees may cause shade to solar water heater and reduce its performance.

For optimum performance, solar water heater should be installed facing towards the equator. For South Hemisphere solar water heater should be installed facing north, while for North Hemisphere should be facing south. Diverting for this north/south orientation is possible, given installation site conditions, and is best considered by your dealer’s appointed professional installers.


7.3 Key Points to Pipeline Installation

The connection of water pipes and tank uses a non-welding technique.


Always use a spanner, when tightening pipes on the tank

1. Always use a spanner to fix the pipes of the tank for any connections.

2. Prevent twisting force to the pipe to avoid damage to the seal.

3. Prevent any axial force to the pipe to avoid damage to the seal.


Important Notice

1. 1) During installing solar water heater, the solar collector should face sun, with variation from 10° to 20° southwest. Be sure there is no shading on both sides of the collector and its top.

2. 2) After installing and adjusting solar water heater, connect cousins with building plate by the inflated bolt. Fix it more than 4 steel ropes to avoid the demolishment from the strong wind.

3. 3) Be sure that no leakage in pipeline, joints, valves and so on.

4. 4) The pipeline outside must be dealt with heat preservation and anti-freezing. In some special cold area, the emptier or restrained temperature anti-freezing cable should be added.

5. 5) If the solar water heater is not in the protecting scope or lightning conductor fixed in the buildings, the user should add the lightning conductor.

6. 6) If tank is not full, you can add water anytime. If tank is exposed without water longer than 15 minutes, do not feed water, please make sure to add water in evening or next day morning, so it will protect the vacuum tubes from breaking for over large difference in temperature.

7. 7) In order to avoid scald people, please turn on the cold water valve firstly, then turn on the hot water valve, then adjust the cold water valve and hot water until getting the suitable temperature hot water.


tank packing size (mm)1570*560*5602010*560*5602340*560*5602840*560*560
tube qty15202430
tube packing size (mm)1880*330*250
materialgalvanized● stainless steel○ aluminum○
inclined roofgalvanized○
angle45°● 30°○

● -  standard

○ -  optional

—  -  none 


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