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pressurized heat pipe solar water heater


TypeEvacuated Tube
Circulation TypeIndirect /Open Loop (Active)
Heating SystemThermosyphon (Passive)
Connection TypeDirect-Plug
CertificationCE, Solar Keymark, CSA, SRCC
Model NumberTZ58/1800-15C, 20C, 25C, 30C
Recommend regionEurope, North America, South Africa, Latin America

Free Maintenance

No glycol, simple structure. No annual and periodical check-ups or maintenance is necessary. Blind sleeve design, no pollution, no-leaking heat pipe, easy installation. No water in vacuum tubes, one broken tube will not affect the function of the whole system.


High Performance

With the cutting-edge vacuum-tube collecting technology, over 92% of sunshine energy is converted to thermal energy for heating and no circulation loss. Thicker insulation layer, functioning well in winter, even in minus-30-degree environment.


High Reliability

System is simply working with the city net water, without pumps. Inner tank made by stainless steel SUS316-1.2mm. Working with high pressure, directly connected to running water, automatically functioning. With T/P valve and exhaust valve, it protects the tank from shrinking. 


Year-round Operation

With the freezing-proof technology, the system is designed and installed to operate for all seasons. Electric heater is optional to use, to ensure plenty hot water in rainy days.



Vacuum tubes are directly connected to the tank, low heat loss. Blind sleeve design and SUS316 inner tank is suitable for poor quality water supply area. Aluminum alloy frame is optional. Install angle(degree): 30/45. Pipe location on the tank is optional. It’s cheaper than split pressurized system.




When vacuum tube absorb solar energy and heat the heat pipe ,the working fluid vaporizes and rise to the top of the heat pipe condenser, when heat pipe condenser meet cold water and cool down, the 

working fluid will fluidity and return to the bottom of the heat pipe, so once and once again to repeat this process.

The pressurized solar water heater system has an inner tank, which is made using 1.2mm SUS316 stainless steel using the latest automatic welding technology throughout the welding process. The tank has been high pressure tested to 10 bar.

The heat pipe evacuation tube consists of a copper heat pipe and glass evacuation tube. The glass evacuation tubes and the heat pipe are the key components of the Sustainable Energy Technologies solar thermal water heaters.

Each evacuation tube consists of two glass tubes. The outer tube is made of extremely strong transparent borosilicate glass, and is able to resist impact from hailstones up to 25mm in diameter.


re-installation Considerations

Before installation, please note:

1. Check the density, hardness and strength of roof structure to ensure safety of solar water heater.

2. The maximum snow load is: 1.2 times the weight of tank

3. Maximal wind resistance for the frame is 1000Pa, according to ENV1993-1-1.


Solar System Location

The solar system must be installed in a non-shaded place. High buildings or trees may cause shade to solar water heater and reduce its performance.

For optimum performance, solar water heater should be installed facing towards the equator. For South Hemisphere solar water heater should be installed facing north, while for North Hemisphere should be facing south. Diverting for this north/south orientation is possible, given installation site conditions, and is best considered by your dealer’s appointed professional installers.

Key Points to Pipeline Installation

  1. keep air vent open

tank packing size (mm)1570*560*5602010*560*5602340*560*5602840*560*560
tube qty15202430
tube packing size (mm)1880*330*250
materialgalvanized● stainless steel○ aluminum○
inclined roofgalvanized○
angle45°● 30°○

● -  standard

○ -  optional

—  -  none 


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