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U pipe collector

TypeU Pipe / Evacuated Tube Collector
Circulation TypeIndirect / Closed Loop (Passive)
Connection TypeSplit
CertificationCE, Solar Keymark, SRCC, CSA
Model NumberTZ47/1500-10,15,20,25,30U
Recommend regionworld wide

Key points

* High performance evacuated tube collectors

* Can be mounted free-standing or on a pitched roof, easy to install, simple roof fixings

* Integrated into building perfectly, any angle installation

* U pipe - offer low maintenance

* No water in the vacuum tubes, no freezing problem in winter, can be used in cold area. It can be still operate in the event of occasional tube breakages.

* 3 years warranty, 20+ years lifespan

* Market leading efficiency/output

* Triple layer selective absorber coating, absorption coefficient >94%

* Evacuated tube outer tube thickness >1.8mm

* Aluminum frame, strong structure, light weight.

* High and constant pressure of polyurethane foaming technology ensure the outstanding insulation quality.



Inside the glass vacuum tube lies a copper pipe folded into a U-shape with aluminum thermal conductors to transfer the solar energy from the inside wall of the glass vacuum tube to the collector case. The heat transfer fluid flows into each copper pipe, then connected in parallel to the upper part of the panel to a single collector.

Thermal Performance

Pre-installation Considerations

Before installation, please note:

1. Installation personnel must wear gloves, avoiding to scratch hands due to glass tubes broken during the installation.

2. When touching the condenser and collector's pipe head of heat pipe during installation, should pay attention to scald.

3. If collector is installed on the simple roof, collector' weight to the effect of roof capacity should be considered.

4. When installing the collector, please take into consideration the issue of wind and snow loading. High wind and snow regions may require inspection and approval by an authorized engineer or the local building department. It is the responsibility of the installation officer to ensure that the frame mounting is of suitable strength points.

5. For U pipe solar collector, it can be install on any position which is not covered by shade, also can install by any direction, any angle, it very flexible and can integrate with your building perfectly. It can suitable for any of your DIY installation.


More than two sets of collector is cascaded and multiple connected, so piping stress must be considered and using corrugated pipe or expansion components to relief stress. The connection between the collectors (the flexible steel pipe is recommended as it bears the vibration more effectively). Installation for collector arrays up to 20㎡



loading qty (20/40/40HQ)90/190/24575/150/18060/120/14445/90/10038/79/90
outer material aluminum alloy
insulationPUF & rock wool
thickness of copper pipe (mm)1
nipple size1/2"
diameter of U pipe (mm)8
size (mm)47/1500
tube qty1015202530
assembled packing size (mm)1660*930*1601660*1280*1601660*1630*1601660*2000*1601660*2330*160
material aluminum alloy

● -  standard

○ -  optional

—  -  none 


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