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Sunrain Group was invited to participate in the 2020 China Brand Cloud Summit

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October 10th is the fourth Chinese Brand Day. The establishment of China Brand Day aims to promote well-known independent brands, tell the stories of Chinese brands, and increase the influence and recognition of independent brands.


The 2020 China Brand Cloud Summit, as a series of "China Brand Day" events, is the first Chinese brand event created through live broadcast on the cloud since the country approved the establishment of "China Brand Day" in 2017. It has been awarded by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce. And other ministries and commissions for joint guidance.

The theme of this cloud summit is "Brands shine in China, I speak for Chinese brands!", and invited Shan Jixiang, former president of the Palace Museum, Song Zhiping, president of China Association of Listed Companies, Yang Hanping, president of China Advertisers Association, and Mengniu Group Executive President Li Pengcheng and other social celebrities, industry celebrities and entrepreneurs gathered on the Internet to talk about China's brand building plans. Chen Ronghua, President of Sunrain Group, was invited to attend the summit and gave a keynote speech on "From Made in China to Chinese Brand: The Upgrade and Transformation of Sunrain".


2019 4th United Nations Environment Assembly

President Chen Ronghua said in his speech: "After 20 years of development, Sunrain has become a leading brand in China's clean thermal energy industry; its products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, becoming the international business card of China's clean thermal energy industry."

In response to the needs of global environmental governance and people’s calls for ecological and environmental protection, Sunrain quickly implemented transformation and upgrades, proposed the development positioning of "clean thermal energy experts", described the development roadmap of Sunrain clean thermal energy products and technology, and formulated a three-step process plan. Continuously improve independent research and development capabilities, while promoting the integration of the industrial chain and internal and external resources to build a clean thermal energy ecosystem. Promote the development of clean thermal energy with new technologies, new products, new models and new business formats.

Relevant data shows that since 2005, the export of Sunrain water heaters and hot water system products has ranked first in the industry; since 2017, Sunrain has become the world's largest flat panel solar manufacturer for three consecutive years.


2019 World Solar Congress

In addition, Sunrain is also the undertaking unit of the International Energy Agency's solar district heating research project and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization's solar thermal industry and technology research and development base. As a representative of the industry, he has appeared in the United Nations Environment Conference and the World Solar Energy Conference in 2019 to share China's experience in the development of clean thermal energy.

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