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All-in -one Type LFP Battery

Home type photovoltaic energy storage inverter is an integrated system that puts photovoltaic inverter, battery and controller inside. It can display the working state conveniently and intuitively through the touch screen. Parameters can be modified and a variety of working modes can be used for easy use.
  • LFP 2500/5000

  • Solareast


01 Power-on/off management (including automatic wake-up)

Main Problems
Mainly in off-grid systems, due to complex operating conditions, the battery will run out of power until it shuts down. The customer needs to power on the batteries manually.

With our products, the customer only needs to check the inverter battery automatic start option. When the photovoltaic or grid starts the inverter again, the BAT port of the inverter will output a voltage of about 48V in a short time, and this voltage will act as the start of the BMS.

02 In the triple protection, the effective guarantee of the safety of the person(For LFP-5.8kWh/LV series)

Main Problems
The MOS tube solutions of other manufacturers are easy to stick when get a big current impacted. This can cause the battery to heat up rapidly or even catch fire.

With our products, when a short circuit occurs, the circuit breaker acts as the primary protection, the fuse acts as the secondary protection, and the relay acts as the tertiary protection (final protection). Effectively ensure the safety of life.

03 The same type of product can be connected in parallel or in series

Main Problems
Energy storage inverters can be roughly divided into high-voltage inverters and low-voltage inverters.

With our products, when the battery is used in combination with a low-voltage inverter, the batteries can be connected in parallel, and the number of batteries can be increased only according to the customer's capacity requirements; When used in combination with a high-voltage inverter, the batteries can be connected in series.

04 SOC dynamic calibration

Main Problems
The battery cannot be fully charged or cannot be completely emptied when discharging due to complex conditions. When the battery runs under above conditions for a long time, the battery SOC error will become bigger and bigger, and even SOC sudden change will occur

With our products, we collect data such as cell voltage, total voltage, and temperature data into the software. During operation, when the SOC error is found to be too big and the calibration conditions are met, the SOC Dynamic calibration will start (SOC will not suddenlly change ), and the SOC error will be infinitely reduced.

05 Parallel strategy

Main Problems
Before adding a new battery, competitor manufacturers will ask the customers to add a current limitingmodule to achieve a certain voltage difference.

With our products, after adding a new battery of the same type to the original system, it can be used normally. Uhome's BMS has designed a parallel strategy to prevent large current shocks caused by paralleling. Reduce installation worker wait, operation time and improve operational safety.

06 Accuracy of current and cell voltage acquisition

Accurate acquisition and precise control, free from the EMC interference of the inverter

07 Remote Monitoring

1. Remote monitoring of voltage, current, SOC and other data;

2. Remote upgrade of all batteries firmware (When 

the customer using multi batteries as one group. 

Only need to configure the network for the master 

battery. Then the engineers can upgrade them

together or separately);

3. Easy to troubleshoot problems in order to solve 

after-sales technical problems;

4. Remote to set up data to meet your requirements.


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