Sunrain Chairman Xu Xinjian was invited to attend the United Nations Environment Congress in Kenya

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Sunrain Chairman Xu Xinjian was invited to attend the United Nations Environment Congress in Kenya


The Fourth United Nations Conference on the Environment was held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 11 to 15 March. More than 4,700 representatives of politicians and civil society organizations from all around the world participated in the conference. In the past five days, innovative solutions related to the environment and sustainable economy were discussed. Xu Xinjian, chairman of Sunrain Group, was invited to attend the meeting as a representative of Chinese entrepreneurs. On the evening of November 11, local time, he delivered a keynote speech on the case of ecological poverty alleviation of Sunrain Group at the branch of "Chinese entrepreneurs help protect the third polar ecological environment in the world".

The United Nations Environment Congress (UNEP) is the highest decision-making mechanism on global environmental issues. Its predecessor is the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). As the world's highest-level environmental decision-making mechanism, the Conference is held every two years to identify priorities for global environmental policy and to address major environmental challenges facing the world today.

With the theme of "finding innovative solutions, meeting environmental challenges and achieving sustainable consumption and production", the Conference encourages the State, the private sector and individuals to devote themselves to finding "exclusive solutions" to critically examine their own consumption and production patterns. During the conference, UNEP released a series of studies, including a new version of the Global Environment Outlook report. The report was prepared by 252 experts from more than 70 countries to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the global environment.

In recent years, China is increasingly becoming the leader of the construction of global ecological civilization. General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that "green water and green hills are treasures", "protecting the ecological environment like protecting our eyes, treating the ecological environment like life" and other ecological concepts are becoming more and more popular. China is constantly opening wider to the outside world, promoting the construction of "The Belt and Road" and building the destiny of mankind. It shows that China has assumed more responsibility for promoting global common development, highlighted the responsibility of China as a responsible big country, and provided China's plan for the construction of global ecological civilization at this conference. Chinese entrepreneurs are adopting more advanced technology and scientific management methods to achieve the goal of sustainable development, and their achievements have attracted worldwide attention.

Mr Xu Xinjian, front row, first from right

With the theme of "conspiring to build a global ecological environment", Li Xikui, Secretary-General of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Zhang Xinsheng, President of the Council of the World Union for Conservation of Nature, Pu Ciren, Vice-President of the Tibetan Federation of Industry and Commerce, Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of the China Foundation for the Protection of Biodiversity and Green Development, and more than 100 experts and scholars from the fields of global environmental protection and new energy, are Global environmental change and how to protect the third pole of the world in this context to share the experience of global governance.

In his speech, Secretary-General Li Xikui said that as a responsible country and an important member of the international community, China is committed to implementing the new concept of development, achieving harmonious coexistence between man and nature, protection and development, and supporting UNEP policy resolutions, improving administrative efficiency and execution, and striving to play a greater role in the global environmental governance system.

On the scene of the meeting, Xu Xinjian, chairman of Sunrain, took the solar regional heating project in Langkazi County, Tibet as an example, introduced to the General Assembly the latest achievements of Sunrain in the fields of solar clean hot water, solar clean heating and solar clean power generation, and showed the world the efforts and tributes made by Chinese enterprises in meeting environmental challenges and achieving sustainable consumption and production. To propose China's plan for the innovative use of renewable energy.

The Langkazi solar regional heating project in Tibet is a demonstration project of clean energy, which adopts advanced international solar energy technology of heat collection, heat storage and low temperature heating, and combines the local environment and construction characteristics of Tibet. The whole project technology and products involve China, Denmark, Germany, Finland and other countries. Overcoming many difficulties, we have built the solar regional heating project with the highest elevation in the world. It is a breakthrough in China's solar regional heating project from 0 to 1. It is also a master of the world's advanced technology exchange and integration. It provides a way for clean heating in Tibet and other regions.

Sunrain is the undertaking unit of the Solar Regional Heating Research Project of the International Energy Agency and the research and development base of photothermal industry and technology of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. It has successively cooperated with high-quality professional companies such as Germany, Denmark and Canada in joint ventures and is committed to the sustained innovation and growth of the industry. Chairman Xu said that through the continuous innovation of technology and mode, adhere to the concept of sustainable development of ecological and environmental protection, we will surely have a better future together.