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On April 11th, to build a more exoteric and free working surroundings, bring happiness and team cohesiveness for staffs,Sunrain organized the president sharing meeting, and say no to traditional office.

President Chen Ronghua shared experience with staffs, how to work efficiently

Modern people are always busy working, pursuing profit too much makes them indifferent and lack of safty. American Fortune Magazine once made a psychological research among 1576 Chinese senior managers, which showed 27% had psychology exhaustion,77.2% had high pressure problems. These people were all lack of mental satisfaction, which lead to frequently changing jobs and other problems.

Sunrain build a more exoteric and free working surroundings for staffs

As the leader in new energy industry, Sunrain makes it another way.
        During its 15 years, tens of thousands people joined in Sunrain Group,many of the staffs worked for Sunrain for more than 10 years. To help them create a more exoteric and free working surroundings, release their working pressure and get mental satisfaction, Sunrain President Chen Ronghua summarized his working experience and shared with the staffs.

A young team makes the enterprise more energetic

People feel lost when he cannot get spiritual and technology growth, then they may get problem in interpersonal communication and self-confidence.In office, Sunrain builds a Learning circumstance, every morning we have a sharing session last for 15-20 minutes, and this makes people feel they are learning and substantial. 

Everyone pursues career success, but passion always can not last long. Grass-roots staffs usually can not develop their value in a huge system, so how to make everyone active is a big question.We build micro-project for them, try to make everyone complete his project and gain recognition. In this way, people feel self-identification and satisfaction, and finish their work more actively.

New members had outdoor training and self-challenge

A smart enterprise can communicate with its staffs, share emotions and increase their belonging feelings. In this way the enterprise can have more centripetal and cohesive force. Sunrain organize activities for its staffs and strengthen its cohesive force.

Through improving self-identification, satisfaction and belonging feelings for its staffs, Sunrain makes working beautiful for them.