Flowerlike Sisters successfully attracted crowd for Sunrain Water Purifier spring exhibition.

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Flowerlike Sisters successfully attracted crowd for Sunrain Water Purifier spring exhibition.


Sunrain is the leading Sponsor of Lin Yi Spring Edition of Water Purfier Exhibition, organized by Lin Yi Municiap Governament on 2016 Feb 25. in  the exhibition, Sunrain Showcased  cutting edge technology & products, brand spokesperson Ms. Lin Chiling (China super model and leading actress in “Flower-like Sisters”), and the most awesome investment resources, and finally got fruitful achievements and applause.

Sunrain water purifier became < Flower-like Sisters > Designated Sponsor product

After the opening ceremony , Sunrain General Manager Mr. Chen briefed the media that After last year sponsorship to Hunan Satellite TV, "I am a singer" , Sunrain water purifier this year generous signing Oriental TV " Flower-like Sisters " program, thus Sunrain Water Purifier has become the " Flower-like Sisters II" designated sponsor products. In addition our brand ambassador Ms. Lin Chiling will travel through South America for brand Promotion and other activities.

For a question Why Sunrain choose to sponsor “Flower-like Sisters “program , Mr. Chen explained that these are necessary for “brand building”  which enhances “product recognition”, “positive image building” and “spread activation”.These three aspects are important part of Sunrain’s brand strategy. Brand-establishment is the key point of business industry. Sunrain water purifier will become a pioneer, try our best to promote water purifier industry and make it stronger.

Technology, and R&D upgraded, and smart new products pursued and admired

At the exhibition spot, Sunrain shows his high-end, smart and fashionable-uniformed water purifier, and get visitors admiration. Sunrain booth became most popular booth in the exhibition. Thanks for continued technology and R&D upgrades, Sunrain water purifier upgraded completely in 2016, Such as cold-hot water in one water purifier, it is smart temperature controlled, can get any temperature water easily. Some other new products also have new function and selling points, like change water filter easily in 60 seconds, APP control, OWP water pipeline design, OT model water filter design, which can change water filter within 3 seconds.

Sunrain invest 540 million RMB to setup advanced automatic production base, with an annual output of million water purifiers.

During the media interview, Mr. Chen said, for company to  be successful it should be strong in core business, product design, manufacturing and marketing, especially the manufacturing is most important. Till 2016, Sunrain already invested 540 millions RMB, established 50 acres automatic production base, which annual output can be 3 millions water purifier. It is China first international standard production base in water purifier industry, which including R&D, production, warehouse and logistic.

New distributors joint Sunrain

During this exhibition, many new distributors attracted and jointed Sunrain by Sunrain powerful brand, reliable quality; unique products design and grant potential markets. Sunrain gave favorable policy to new distributors, like “sign and get a car”. During the whole exhibition, Sunrain signed over 200 potential distributors from 20 cities, and became the biggest winner in this year’s ( Linyi ) exhibition.