Smart New Products Are Welcome, Sunrain Water Purifier Leading Water China

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Smart New Products Are Welcome, Sunrain Water Purifier Leading Water China


ater China (Chengdu) 2016 which sponsored by Sunrain was opening on June 12 in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center. By virtue of the industry’s leading technology products, brand spokesperson Lin Zhiling, the strong brand influence of the specified product by “Our Law”, as well as the preferential investment policies and other heavy resources. Sunrain water purifier are favored by the distributors from the country, and become the most popular booth on the fair.

Smart New Products – Sunrain Water Purifier Are Welcome

Committed to technology and development continuous upgrading, own the first CNAS authority certification laboratory in domestic water purification industry.  Alliance of Sunrain and CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) was formed in
2014, and they established a strategic cooperative relationship in next year,research and development of the core technology of water purifier, to build   the core technology which leading industry together.

The special model products – “Chiling Series” were launched on the fair, the   products corresponding to the appearance of the goddess elegant, noble image. 360° smart phone control display, to control the health of home drinking  water at any time. Double safety protection or integrated water and separated electricity, enjoy a quality healthy life.


In addition to the new series of “Chixiang” with 60 seconds self-help core replacement technology, both old man and child can replace the core easily,completely eliminate the trouble of core replacement. In addition to household  water purifier, particular launched the commercial drinking water solution for commercial premises and public area. 360° focus on the national drinking water  health, promote the smart pace of water purification industry.

Sunrain’s Water Purifier has become the pointed products of  “Our Law”

After the beginning of the year to assist in the pattern trip which opened by Sunrain’s spokesperson Lin Chiling, Sunrain water purifier grandly promotes in   half year, signing with AHTV and become the pointed products of its ace variety column “Our Law”, will continue to be wonderful, open a new journey.


2016, Sunrain has invested 0.54 billion RMB, built a large-scale automatic production base with an area of 300 acres and annual production up to 3 million units water purifier. It is a set of water research and development, design,production, warehousing, logistics in one of the integrated production plant. At   the same time it is also the first production base which to meet the international standard and scale in domestic water purification industry. 
On the fair, Sunrain water purifier with strong brand, high quality, novel and     unique design, as well as pontential market prospects, and launched more lucrative investment policy like “ Sign up for a car”, this attracted many distributors come to join.