Annual Conference of Sunrain Hero Is Back, Great Victory in 2016

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Annual Conference of Sunrain Hero Is Back, Great Victory in 2016


“Hero Is Back in 2016 – Annual Conference of Sunrain Distributors in 2016” was held in headquarters of Sunrain in Lianyungang, Jiangsu. Over 1,200 Sunrain’s excellent agent and dealer representatives from all over the country gathered in Haizhou Bayview International Conference Center to jointly celebrate the 16th anniversary of Sunrain and make the plan for Sunrain’s first year of internationalization and digitization.  

Xu Xinjian, Chairman of Sunrain Group: Forge “Sunrain on the Cloud”

During 16 years of development, Sunrain developed from startup stage in the pioneering period, and ranked as No.1 in the industry, forged the whole industry chain, went through diversified development and sought second development in the transformation period. Along with dramatic development of Internet economy, Sunrain is facing new opportunities and challenges. Xu Xinjian, Chairman of Sunrain Group, believes that, after iteration of consumer groups, the generation after 80s and 90s has become consumption subject. Besides, the rural region as well as third-tier and fourth-tier cities should be inside Internet economy. For Sunrain, this is the foundation and prior market that we should grasp.     
Chairman Xu Xinjian put forward: “in 2016, Sunrain will implement Internet strategy in a comprehensive way, cultivate Internet thinking, forge Internet products and services and build the back-office support system to forge “Sunrain on the cloud”. In addition, Sunrain will greatly promote the strategy of internationalization, improve product power and make Sunrain international brand power stronger.” 


Chairman Xu Xinjian: the year of 2016 will be Sunrain’s first year of digitization and internationalization.

Over 1,200 agent and dealer representatives from all over the country attended the representative conference.

Wan Xu Chang, CEO of SOLAREAST: Four Key Points Root for the Battle of Great Victory

“Eight Key Words in 2016: Innovation, Re-creation, Quick Respond. Around four key points, namely, capability building, efficiency promotion, benefits excavation and competitive products making, comprehensively propel, fulfill and improve service awareness of whole staff including terminal marketing personnel and offer support and guarantee work for 20,000 agents and dealers well. ”

Wan Xu Chang, CEO of SOLAREAST: Four Key Points Root for the Battle of Great Victory in 2016

Chen Ronghua, CEO of Sunrain Group: Dual Core Drive of Solar and Water Purification for Great Victory in 2016

Over the past 16 years, Sunrain, from birth to rise, from business promotion to catching-up, has steadily developed into No. 1 brand in the global new energy industry after numerous market competition. Data show that, by the end of December of 2015, Sunrain had ranked as No. 1 in overseas export for 11 consecutive years and ranked as No. 1 in domestic market share for seven consecutive years.
Based on Sunrain’s future development, in 2016, Sunrain will continuously build the strategic system which takes with “Great health and Environmental Protection” as two core appeals of enterprise development, takes two businesses of solar and water purification as development subject, and takes capital investment plate and self-employment plate as two wings of development to make brand bigger, products more refined, mode thorougher, and make market stronger.

Chen Ronghua, CEO of Sunrain Group: from Problems to Building Better Future

Photovoltaic has entered into the consolidation period, and photo-thermal thrives. In 2015, photovoltaic of long-term consolidation required new breakthrough points, and photo-thermal industry after rapid growth also required new growth points for support. As a result, integration of photobiotic and photo-thermal is explosive. Chen RongHua expressed that, in 2016, Sunrain solar energy would greatly promote the strategic layout of “Solar Energy, Everything”, expand the extension of solar energy as the largest solar energy supplier worldwide, build life solar energy and conduct integrated operation of integration of production and sales of photo-thermal and photovoltaic. Sunrain would become an all-round energy supplier of power supply, heat supply and hot water supply. Depending on strong channel promotion capability of 20,000 agents and dealers, Sunrain would promote the popularization of Sunrain family solar energy station in China to make solar energy truly become a life style.  
In the field of water purification, Sunrain, as a leading enterprise in the water purification industry, integrates global wisdom in terms of water purifier and carries out strategic cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences in China to jointly establish Associated Research and Development Center for Water Purification Technology. Meanwhile, Sunrain carries out venture capital investment in Silicon Valley to focus on research and development of water purification core technology at abroad. Then, Sunrain can grasp the cutting-edge technology of water purifier and achieve Made in China in water purification core technology. In 2016, Sunrain will comprehensively expand market share in third-tier and fourth-tier cities.   
As professionalization, quality and digitization have become users’ new demands, Sunrain takes on-line E-business as core, regards 20,000 off-line distribution channels as support and integrates advantages of E-business and traditional stores to achieve advantage sharing of information and services in all links, and follow the integration trend of on-line and off-line O2O and activate full-channel business model to forge the business model of sustainable development of “Sunrain on the Cloud”.