Sunrain double tank solar water heater obtain the Red Top of 2016 China High-end Household

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Sunrain double tank solar water heater obtain the Red Top of 2016 China High-end Household


Jan.14th 2016, as the 7th China High-end Household Appliances trend and the award ceremony of“Red Top”closed, The most advanced technical, design, energy saving and environment protecting products is showed one by one. Following 2014 and 2015, Sunrain obtain the “ Red Top ”depending on the double tank solar water heater, This products is honoured as the most humanized product. 

Now,The prize of “Red Top”is the unique prize of professional high-end appliances in China, based on the fierce competition around the world. It becomes the signal of developing trend of High-end Appliances, Leading the trend of industry and high-end consume. Mr Shenghua Lv ,charger of“The Red Top” committee, said that the committee combine with JD, 17 industry main Media,  and academy of science, investigated and voted for products of the stand for election. During the progress of election, consumer and online voting ranked 60%, expert ranked 40%. 
The user experience is the important standard. So, the strength of products is most important.

YongJun Wang, as the delight of Sunrain accept the Prize

During the digital time of product changing,new sale, It is best to innovate   products.  Sunrain use the new design and skill, get rid of the limit of environment.

Since the 1972’s born, Solar water heater can not be used in raining day or winter season, It is the disadvantage of the solar industry. So, electric water heater and gas heater , such high energy consumption products become backup choice.

Face the pressure of energy and environment, and high economic cost, Based on the priority development of free renewable energy sources, The technological innovation of Solar water heater must be done.

After market investigation, Sunrain integrate the function of rapid heating in solar water heater, It is also the pioneering around China solar thermal industry.  The work theory of double tank : under shine, solar water heater use free energy, rainy days change to electric heater, More energy conservation, environment  protection and cost saving.

At the same time, Skill of solar collecting is breaking again, The “black gold”vacuum tube make the stagnation temperature improve from 250℃ to 300℃, The efficiency of solar collecting is higher, warming rapidly.

The patent of Sunrain ,skill of keeping warm wall, improve the efficiency of heat preservation more than 50%, Keeping the temperature of water up 40℃ after absorbing one day energy. Using emptier, drain the hot water pipe after used, avoid pipe frozen in winter, So, the solar water heater can be used in winter.

A lot of special design, double tank solar water is Super Star. After investigated more than 100,000 people, it got the prize of “RED TOP” and named “the best human nature product”

Sunrain awarded China’s high-end home appliance red top public special contribution 2015-1026

The "human nature" of product  is rooted in the brand inherent gene, and products, the public welfare is the other card of "human nature". During July 2015, Walking 1800 km, “Red Top”prize public group,Sunrain,together with CHEAA,Haier,etc, ,arrived at Qinghai lake charity disabled school, take the coat,solar products,warm keeping etc, to the students. Depending on public 7 years,
The Sunrain term of public charity make over the 28 provices and cities autonomous regions, and millions of poor mountainous areas of recipient groups to get of the predicament of life,thought “Sunshine bathroom””Mother clean water””Tibet blind Child ”and other public welfare projects,become the annual public brand, is voted "charitable organization" of the year by the fifth love China public festival, “The red top public award “is the another champion in the field of high-end home appliances.

Surain always stick to the human nature of ecological philosophy, transfer the focus of life, dreams and respect.