Sunrain shares China Warm experience at Solar World Congress 2019

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Sunrain shares China Warm experience at Solar World Congress 2019


Recently, the Solar World Congress (SWC) was held in Chile, more than 600 scientists and professionals from all over the world gathered to discuss solar-related issues.

The Solar World Congress (SWC) is organized by the United Nations-approved non-profit NGO International Solar Energy Society (ISES) which is held every two years. The congress brought together all key players in the solar ecosystem, including government representatives, industry leaders, professionals and academics, to discuss solutions and applications for integration issues related to solar heating and cooling, solar generator, solar energy meteorology, thermoelectric storage, solar building and construction.

Sunrain Group, as the representative of China's solar industry, shared the latest scientific research results and the experience of “China warm”, which aroused the enthusiastic interest and attention of the participants.

As a global solar energy innovation application company and a leader in China's solar energy industry, in recent years, Sunrain has made breakthrough achievements in the field of solar heating.

Jiao Qingtai, chief engineer of Sunrain Group, was invited to attend the conference and gave a speech.

Jiao Qingtai, chief engineer of Sunrain Group, took “Solar District Heating and Heating Project in Langkazi County, Tibet”as an example, explained the latest achievements in Sunrain, solar clean hot water, solar clean heating and cooling in detail at the meeting. To demonstrate to the world the efforts and contributions of Chinese companies in addressing environmental challenges and achieving sustainable consumption and production, and the Chinese program for innovative use of renewable energy.

The Tibet Longkazi Solar District Heating and Heating Project is a clean energy demonstration project using internationally advanced solar heat collection, heat storage and low-temperature heating technology combined with the local environment and construction focus of Tibet. The whole project technology and products involve China, Denmark, Germany, Finland and other countries. The world's highest solar district heating and heating project built by overcoming many difficulties is a breakthrough from 0 to 1 in China's solar district heating and heating project. The world's advanced technology exchanges, integrated masters, provide access to clean heating and heating throughout Tibet and other areas.

The experts at the meeting discussed the "solar rain large-scale solar central heating project in Langkazi County, Tibet"

Some industry experts said that Tibet is the "third pole of the earth" and the ecological protection of Tibet has an irreplaceable role in the global environment. The Chinese enterprises represented by the Sunrain have proved their ability to be no less than any European and American countries, reflecting the responsibility and responsibility of Chinese enterprises. At the same time, the innovative use of renewable energy provided by Sunrain is of great practical value and worthy of global interest.
Since 2017, Sunrain has reached a strategic cooperation with Arcon-Sunmark of Denmark and the Energy Technology Center of Canada's Natural Resources Department (CanmetENERGY) to jointly develop and apply solar energy cross-season heat storage technology in China. Langkazi District heating project is an example.

Sunrain Solar Wall Project at Jiangsu Ninghai Industry Zone

In addition, Sunrain and Canada Environmental Protection jointly established a JV company, dedicated to the application and promotion of solar black technology "solar wall" heating technology in the Chinese market, to make the building warm in winter and cool in summer. Solar wall technology, along with steam engines, automobiles, computers, etc., was included by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as one of the most valuable inventors of the past two centuries.

The relationship between Sunrain and the SWC has also been around for a long time. In 2007, during the first SWC in China, Sunrain demonstrated the strength of the company as a gold sponsor. In addition to attending the SWC in Chile, Sunrain was invited  as the sole representative of China's solar industry to attend the UAE SWC and the International Solar Heating and Cooling Conference in 2017, to host the International Energy Agency task55 expert meeting in 2018, and to attend the UN in 2019. 

Sunrain Group's active appearance in a series of international professional conference forums will help Chinese enterprises consolidate their position in the world's solar energy development while strengthening the global solar ecosystem interaction. In the future, Sunrain will continue to adhere to green sustainable development, work together to promote global environmental governance and sustainable development, and strive to build a community of human destiny.