2014 most beautiful village teacher award ceremony

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2014 most beautiful village teacher award ceremony


On August 24th 2014,the most beautiful village teacher award ceremony ended in Beijing. Sunrain as a partner, together with CCTV and Guangming Daily, spent more than 3 months in Chinese villages to find the 2014 most beautiful village teacher, most beautiful team and 10 special care village teachers.

 2014 most beautiful village teacher award ceremony

love ambassadors Bai Yansong and Ji Yuhua hosted the ceremony

In the event, Sunrain marketing director Song Yongquan represents Sunrain charity fund to announce new public assistance program. As the strategic partner of LFP, Sunrain will donate Sunshine football playground for village schools to help children with their football dream.

 2013 most beautiful village teacher Alitai came and introduced how Sunrain Sunshine school bus and other assistance help to change their school

Looking for 2014 most beautiful village teacher, Sunrain,CCTV and Guangming Daily went into village schools and experienced teachers’ daily lives, writed down and photographed these teachers’inner world, their emotion and dream.Through looking for the most beautiful village teacher, they hope to support the Chinese Dream for millions of village children.

At last, after network voting and experts examination, ten teachers are selected to be 2014 most beautiful village teachers, including Zhang Meili and Zhang Xiuli.Tsinghua Teaching Corp is selected to be 2014 most beautiful village teachers’team for their years of efforts in Tibet.Other ten teachers are selected to be special care village teachers.

Sunrain Charity fund will donate 1 thourand Sunshine Bathrooms for schools and charity organizations including the schools of most beautiful village teachers

During the ceremony, the sisters Zhang Meili and Zhang Xiuli shared wth us how they insisted to teach and help the disabled students for 20 years.These love stories moved Sunrain peple and everyone there.

“We can feel their feelings.”Sunrain Group marketing director Song Yongquan said,”Since 4 years ago, we have been contacting such children, Tibet blind children school students are also special children, the same as those in Inner Mongolia WuChuan County special education school, they are positive,happy and optimistic. When we are helping them, we feel we are helping ourselves at the same time, because they help us purify our soul.”

Sunrain Group has done many charity projects, such as helping Tibet blind children school students, Tianti primary school students and love yard children, and looking for most beautiful village teachers. It is not simple giving, but realizing its public walfare philosophy of equal, everyone participated and sustainable charity. Through Sunrain Sunshine Bathroom and other sustainable projects,Sunrain based on nature power, donates itself to helping the rural education develpoment, transfor its care and respect for life and dream.

During the ceremony, Sunrain expressed its willing to donate more Sunrain Sunshine Bathrooms, and to donate 1000 Sunrain Sunshine Bathrooms in total by 2015. At the same time, as the first strategic partner of LFP, Sunrain will keep caring about rural education development, and will donate Sunrain Sunshine Football Playground for more village schools. This year, Sunrain will send 2012 most beautiful village teacher Xiao Shan and children from QiongZhong female football team to Spain to watch the Spanish Primera Liga,and help more Chinese children to realize their football dreams.